Design & Manufacturing of Cathodic Protection System (Positive Bound Box & Negative Bound Box)

Rasel Group is one of the supplier of products and services for
corrosion prevention by cathodic protection to offshore oil and gas
companies, port authorities, civil engineering companies and
offshore wind turbine manufacturers and ….
We can prepare the finest quality zinc, aluminum and
magnesium anodes that have been specifically used for the
cathodic protection market.
Typical applications for Galvanic anodes include:-
* Temporary protection of pipelines
* Temporary protection of tank bottoms
* Permanent protection of well coated pipelines in low
resistivity soil
* Permanent protection of buried vessels
* Internal protection of water tanks
As part of a cathodic protection system, we conduct cathodic
protection surveys for oil & gas company pipelines and tank
farm facilities for. The completed surveys on test stations,
test facilities can help the operator to see if their assets have
the proper cathodic protection to keep the integrity of the
asset. We can assist with budgetary cathodic protection line
We manufacture a full line of cathodic anode junction boxes
and negative and positive bond boxes custom made to client
specifications .
We can custom order and install cathodic protection rectifiers
including remote monitoring equipment, remote monitoring
interrupters, test stations and junction boxes globally.
In operation, the output DC negative is connected to the
protected pipeline, the rectifier DC positive is connected to
anode junction box, and after powering the rectifier the
rectifier uses impressed current to provide cathodic
protection .