Design & Manufacturing of CB Transportation Toroli & CB Cradle

Chassis truck is mainly used to holding circuit breaker,
transformer and other components in the Withdrawable
switchgear, as auxiliary operation of components with busbar.
When operation with internal Mechanism of circuit breaker
and other interlock mechanism of MID-placed cabinet, it can
satisfy the Interlock requirement of “5 preventions” stipulated
1. Only when the handcart is under testing/isolating or
working position, the circuit breaker can close.
After that, the handcart is under locked state, which avoids
false connecting or making of the spacing contact.
2. When the handcart is under working position or away from
testing/isolating position for 10mm, the earthing switch fails to
close, avoid powered false making of the switch.
3. When the earthing switch close, the handcart shall not shift
from testing/isolating to working position, avoid the switch
closing the circuit breaker in making.