Power Distribution

Design & Manufacturing of Compact Substation

Complete transformer substation of kiosk- type
Capacity from 25 to 2500 kVA
Complete transformer substation of kiosk-type capacity 25-1000
KVA is a transformer substation for outdoor installation and is used
for reception of electric energy of three-phase alternating current
frequency of 50 Hz voltage of 6 or 36 kV, transforming it into
electricity 0.4 kV and power its individual settlements and industrial
Benefits :
there are a number of locks to increase safety of operation and
the possibility of cable entry;
reduced dimensions, allowing us to find optimal solutions in
accordance with customer’s requirement;
all types of switchgear;
improved mechanical strength;
dust- and waterproof design;
live parts covered with protective panels;
surge arresters installed in substations;
Hot dip galvanized or colored itself substation;
a wide variety.
Kiosk can consists of:
– power transformer;
– high-voltage switchgear;
– low-voltage switchgear;
The power transformer bays support insulators, conductive
aluminum tires and a power transformer.
At high roof mounted air intake tower, wherein by means of support
insulators attached aluminum tire.
The design of the power transformer bays allows for replacement of
power transformer.
Power transformer compartment has a natural ventilation – blinds on
the door compartment.
If necessary, the blinds can be closed using blinds, situated in the
compartment door.
The high voltage bushing is a busbar, which are mounted on
insulators tires.
On the roof of a high-voltage tower air intake mounted bushings, as
well as squares are for the installation of high-voltage fuses and pins
to set the pin high-voltage insulators