Design & Manufacturing of Interlocking and Draw out Mechanism

Rasel industrial & Engineering teams provides cost effective
high volume, medium and small batch size manufacturing
components and parts to industrial partners in a broad range
of industry sectors including fabrication, electronics, electrical
, electro mechanical ,oil, gas ,petrochemical special
mechanical parts , mineral and heavy industry production
The company produces good quality parts with a quick turn
around, reliability of service and competitive prices. These
are our key selling points. This alone is not unique but comes
from our design to production advisory service.
Every job is tailored to each clients needs, using multi
disciplinary skilled staff the company is able to produce costeffective
solutions to a wide range of requirements.
The company produces components from a variety of stock,
castings and forgings in ferrous and non-ferrous raw
All components are made to a high standard using the
customer’s own drawings and/or sample products; these can
be repetitive parts or one off bespoke items. Most of these
components are sub assemble parts for larger builds e.g.
conveyor systems, Switchgears, panels , enclosures , draw
out systems , and …… Processes used include: sawing,

milling, turning, grinding, drilling and welding