Design & Manufacturing of Medium & Low Volatge Power Switchgear

At Switchgear Power Systems, we engineer and manufacture high
quality, custom electrical power distribution equipment with speed,
flexibility, and competitive pricing.
We believe in creating lasting value across our product lines,
throughout our company, and within our customer relationships.
We answer to the unique needs of each customer through flexibility
and custom design.
We strive to maintain competitive pricing, exceptional quality, and
unparalleled speed to market response and delivery, serving the
global electrical marketplace.
Our switchgears are designed and manufactured in accordance to
IEC 62271-200 and to the following requirements:
Maximum operational reliability
Compact dimensions
Flexibility and versatility
Easy installation, function and maintenance
Personnel safety
Possibility of extensions and modifications
These switchboards are designed for use in HV/MV and MV/LV
substations and in industrial systems. They can be provided with
Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers
and/or vacuum contactors, and air circuit breakers and they are arcproof,
so they can be installed and used in areas characterized by
extreme conditions.
One of Rasel’s main strengths as an engineering services provider is
its total independence from manufacturers of electrical components.
On the basis of a series of client requirements (economic,
standardization, warehousing and maintenance), Rasel can design
a customized solution by utilizing its consummate technical
Another of Rasel’s value-adds is its capacity to put together highly
qualified technical teams in next-to-no-time. These teams can then
take advantage of the company’s consolidated operational
infrastructure. The result is a winning combination of experience and
know-how that can be applied to resolve even the most complex,
multi-disciplinary issues.