Design & Manufacturing of Motor Control Center MCC Drawable Panels LogStrup Omega

The Omega Type Distribution and MCC panels range from 63A up to
8500Awith a short circuit level up to 130kA, 1 sec.
To secure the individual needs we can offer a wide range of
knowledge from our project engineers, who can support our
customers to find the best technical and economical solution for their
The Omega Modular System incorporates fixed, removable,
withdrawable and inline technology for switchboards and motor
control centers.
Major benefits include:
Minimum downtime
Re-configuration of units while panel is live
Ability to interchange different unit types
Fully Type Tested
Internal Arc Protection
Functional units are classified by their level of compart mentation and
type of electrical connection.
A withdrawable type panel is characterized as a panel where the
removable parts can be moved to a position where an isolating
distance is established, whilst remaining mechanically attached to
the panel.