Design & Manufacturing of Mv Load Break Switch & Mv Earthling Switch

Off Load Isolators is single pole (Manual / Motorized operated), or
Three pole manually operated from 11kV to 33kV and current ratings
from 400Amps to 2400Amps Off Load Isolators are suitable.
The switches has three pairs of blades which are located on the
operating shaft and are freely movable. in earthing switch ,The pairs
of blades are electrically connected to each other by a shortcircuiting
bridge and to earth potential at the bearing brackets by two
stranded copper conductors.
The active parts of the switch are delivered assembled with separate
fixed earthing contacts prepared for installation. Optionally a manual
or motor operating mechanism can be used.
snap action closing mechanism which functions independently of the
rotation of the drive shaft.
Designed for high-speed closing and dimensioned to conduct the
rated short-circuit current when closed under load
Only install switchgear and/or switchboards in enclosed rooms
suitable for electrical equipment.
Earthing switches are determined for indoor installation and conform
to the require ments of

IEC 62271-102.
The earthing switches are supplied
as kits with a pre-assembled active
part and corresponding earthing
contacts supplied (001)
Correct in stallation of these parts
in a switchgear panel results in a
functioning earthing switch.