Design & Manufacturing of Mv & Lv Capacitor Bank & Active and Passive Harmonic Filters

Capacitors are very beneficial in power grids. They provide the
reactive power needed by electrical motors, transformers, etc.
This increases the transmission capacity and reduces losses thanks
to higher power factors. They enable power factor targets of the
utilities to be met.
Capacitors are also a key component in various filter solutions that
reduce harmonic content. They reduce the risk of disturbances in
production processes, metering errors and malfunctioning of relay
This extends the service life of connected equipment.
Application :
Fixed banks Single star and Double star capacitor bank
Medium voltageAPFC equipement
Direct connection to a Motors
Electric boards
All HT consumer applications
Grid compliance
Reduction of electricity expenses
Increase in plant capacity
Higher productivity
Enhanced asset utilization
Lower network losses andCO2emissions
Voltage stability