Trouble Shooting , Overhul & maintenance of Oil & Gas of Offshore Platform

Rasel Group is an experienced provider of a wide range of services
in the offshore Oil and Gas sectors, including construction, repairs
and maintenance Pre commissioning and commissioning of Oil
platforms in energy field .
We carry out high-volume electrical installation works in the most
effective time period.
Installation, operation, maintenance and repair of electrical
• Power transmission lines up to 132 kV. The laying of cables and
power supply wires,electrical laying in ducts, boxes and trays;
• Electricity transformation and distribution equipment up to
132 kV
• Relays and automation devices up to 132 kV;
• Works related to the maintenance and process control of electric
motors and generators with capacity ranging from 1MW to 20
MW;20 kW to 1MW;
• Special-purpose electric facilities located in fire and explosive
• Low-current and automation networks. The installation of
circuits (control, protection, alarm, measurement), the installation
of insulators, marking of installation places and installation of
control and protection devices;
• Lightning protection equipment;
• Fire and security alarms;
• We carry out start-up, adjustment works and further maintenance
of wind-power turbines;
• Installation of lighting systems.
and ……..